About Us

AWC, LLC was started in 2005. Originally we focused on wireless roaming data for corporate and government applications, a predecessor to the 3G and 4G of today.  Over the years our network grew to cover all of Washington County and North East Osage County at unprecedented speeds.  In 2008, with increasing pressure from consumers and small businesses for an alternative, Wake Wireless was formed. Today, Wake Wireless is focused on providing the highest speed internet available in the rural area with no data limits and excellent customer service.

Referral Program

Most new customers are referrals from existing customers. We would like to give you and the person you’re  referring a […]

Why Wake Wireless?

Here at Wake Wireless we strive to bring you the fastest internet available at an affordable rate. With that being […]


We use Ubiquiti Customer Premises Equipment(CPE) and Mikrotik access Point/Routers. Ubiquiti Networks is a multi-national technology company started in 2005. […]